Patients can be wrongly diagnosed with heart failure, so we combine your clinical history, a physical examination, biochemical markers and cardiac imaging to accurately diagnose your condition.

This service helps us to diagnose and follow up with patients with heart failure. The measurement is taken in our clinic with results available within 15 minutes.

We select appropriate and evidence-based medications to achieve the best results for our heart failure patients.

We offer this treatment to chronic heart failure patients who are having multiple episodes of recurrent heart failure in order to keep them out of hospital.

Heart failure patients who have left ventricular dyssynchrony can be offered this special type of pacing therapy

This is done for patients with heart failure and severely depressed ventricular function to prevent sudden cardiac death.

Heart failure is a chronic disease process that will progressively worsen. The definitive answer to advanced heart failure is heart transplantation. However, there is a shortage of donor hearts worldwide and a viable alternative is to implant a left ventricular assist device (LAVD), a so-called artificial heart. This device can take over the function of the failing heart and provide you with a reasonable quality of life.

We use the latest HeartMate II LVAD, which is small enough to be implanted into the abdominal cavity of smaller adults, especially women and Asians. It is very quiet in operation and is ideal for patients who have advanced heart failure and who are dependent on inotropes or have frequent hospitalisations for heart failure.

This short exercise test helps us to assess the functional capacity of your heart before we decide on the course of treatment.

We use this to assess the hemodynamic profile of heart failure patients in order to adjust the treatment to tune up the patient.